Group Project #1: Wonky Stars!

It’s Time to Give Back! Or: Our First Group Quilt Project!


Akoma Ntoso Members:

Our first project continues to be our mini quilts for monetary contribution to the Ransburg YMCA this fall. However, while that is an individual project, we will now begin our first group project. This project will help us check off a several things on our list:

  1. The project will allow us to continue to practicing and improving our sewing skills.
  2. The project will allow us to learn a new skill called “paper piecing.”
  3. The project will allow us to learn how to use alternative use of materials by using recycled blue jeans.
  4. The project will allow us to complete our first group project by creating one quilt.
  5. The project will allow us to give directly to the community and fulfill our goal of being a charitable organization.

We will be completing a quilt based on a pattern by Amy Friend of During Quiet Time ( Why this pattern? I used information from the following article found on the web called “What NOT to do when organizing a group quilt” :


5 Tips for Organizing a Group Quilt

1 – Don’t use a complicated pattern or technique.  Because we are giving back to a veteran, an American flag motif is in order. However, we will be doing a “star.” This star however is a “wonky” star; this means that it is not a very “formal” pattern and can accept imperfections.

2 – Don’t assume your directions make sense – have a novice read them over to make sure they understand.   The pattern we are using was created by a quilt pattern maker. I didn’t create them. Also, I have made the pattern and so the instructions make sense!

3 – Don’t choose a pattern where it makes a difference if points/corners match.  While the pattern is a star, my first one didn’t have all of the corners and points matching and it still worked. Additionally, each star is not lined up in a row so those points won’t match anyway!

4 – Don’t use materials you’re not used to.  This is an area that I believe that we can stretch a little. We should always be in a “learning mode.” So one of the areas we are going to push is in this area. We are going to be using recycled blue jeans. Because we are going to be using scraps, the use of this material should be fine! Don’t worry!

5 – Don’t use fancy color names.  Guess what color we are using: BLUE! That’s it!


Next Steps:

  1. Come to the guild meeting on July 22, 2018 and receive your background material and printed directions and see how the star is put together.
  2. Pay $5 so that we can join Quilt of Valor and have our guild registered. Pay by December 31, 2018.
  3. Go home and make your FOUR stars! Watch the video provided about paper piecing if you have any additional questions/concerns ( . Bring them to Groovy Newbies and sew them with the group.
  4. Go to your closet and get a pair of those old blue jeans that you can’t fit anymore! Or go to your local DAV or Salvation Army and buy a pair of old blue jeans. Go on ½ off day and get it for next to nothing. Or ask someone for a pair of theirs. Let them know that this quilt will be going to a veteran and even possibly a Purple Heart recipient.

5. Materials Needed

6. Turn in your stars by our February 24, 2019 guild meeting date.

  1. We either quilt the blanket or use a Quilt of Valor authorized longarm quilter and prepare to present it to a blessed recipient.

8. We prepare for the next group project.