Happy August Birth Days!

Kita Blount Duncan, August 4th

Born and raised in Brooksville, Fl, Kita is a wife and mother of three growing children! Ranging in ages from 6th grade to 12th grade, Kita tries diligently to balance life as a full time nursing student and mom! She wants to bring the joy of sewing to her daughter Mira and to others in our community. Her strength lies in her kindness to everyone she knows. Happy Birth Day, Kita!



Linda Edwards Lee, August 11th

This is the official “unofficial” birth date for Linda Edwards Lee! Born and raised in a little town in Kentucky known as Elkton, Linda is the reason behind the mission of the guild known as Akoma Ntoso. Her love of family, cooking, sewing and traveling led her family to honor her by continuing the tradition of quilting! Happy Birth Day, Momma!



Adrianne Redd, August 27th

One of our youngest members at only 5 (going on 6!), Adrianne has a heart to help! She has gotten her feet wet by helping her grandmother, Vickie Parham, with her quilting projects. Adrianne recently told everyone at the guild meeting that she is available to help each and every one of us with our project; all we have to do is ask! We love you, Adrianne! Happy Birth Day!



Vickie Parham, August 31st

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Vickie was part of a family that took advantage of home economics, 4H and sewing at home! While she hasn’t sewn seriously since high school, she has jumped into the projects, often sewing side by side with her grandchildren! As secretary, Vickie also makes sure that our guild meetings are a great success. Her treats at the guild meetings are much appreciated, although she hasn’t shared her secret for such great tasting chicken salad! Happy Birth Day, Vickie!