Happy November Birthdays!

November 4th:  Tina Draper

Tina Draper is a native of Kentucky and is a wife, mother and grandmother living in Indianapolis, IN. Tina is a founding member of Akoma Ntoso and has completed every challenge presented to her with gusto! She has actually developed a passion for paper piecing and is a “go to” when we meet each month at our Groovy Newbies meetings! Happy Birth Day, Tina!





November 9th:  Anna Brown

Miss Anna Brown! A retired educator who still gives countless hours to her local church, Anna brings her patience and experience to each bee and guild meeting. Anna loves polka dots and bright colors. She loves animals and nature. Even though she may have taught all day, she is still the very first member at each meeting. As a founding member of Akoma Ntoso we value her membership and more importantly her friendship! Happy Birth Day, Anna!