2019 BOM Program

Caroline Moore, a Craftsy quilting blogger, states that keeping programming at a quilt guild interesting and entertaining can be a daunting task for guild leadership. A quilt guild challenge, or series of quilt guild challenges—such as a Block of the Month—can be a fun way to vary the programming. While having a speaker and learning a new technique are a standard part of the program rounded out by show-and-tell, a quilt challenge can help to create community.

Block of the Month quilts, or BOM, are an exciting and easy way to complete a quilt without spending a lot of time at one sitting. Each month you will receive a block of the month pattern for that month’s quilt block. You construct the block then wait for the next block release.

Akoma Ntoso’s Modified Mystery BOM program will consist of the following:

  1. Each member will declare their five (5) colors that will be incorporated into all of their blocks. This will help to make a more cohesive quilt for the owner at the end of the year.
  2. The BOM chair will present the first three (3) BOM for January, February and March of 2019. This will get the group going. In February 2019, members will suggest and vote on the BOM for April, May and June. In May of 2019, members will suggest and vote on the BOM for July, August, and September 2019. In August 2019, members will suggest and vote on the final three blocks for October, November and December 2019.
  3. Blocks will be 12” squared each.
  4. Members will be challenged to complete their BOM quilt by February 2020.
  5. Members who complete their BOM quilt by February 2020 will enter a drawing to have their project quilted and finished with binding FREE of CHARGE!
  6. Members who complete their BOM quilt will have a chance to win prizes for the following:
    1. Best Use of Color
    2. Best Use of Patterns
    3. Best “Twist” on a Pattern
    4. Best Back Piecing for the Quilt
    5. Best Overall Quilt
  1. Bonus Quilt: Each month members will have an opportunity to enter a drawing for a completed quilt based on the BOM program. To do so, a member simply needs to bring in an extra block each month using the Guild’s BOM color incorporated into the block. BOM coordinators will secretly choose a block to be included into the Bonus Quilt. At the end of the program, the Bonus Quilt will be revealed. A member will have their name entered into the drawing for each of their block chosen for the Bonus Quilt. One (1) winner will be announced! The actual Bonus Quilt will be auctioned to bring additional funds to the Guild.

    Additional blocks will be used to create a charity quilt(s).


Quilt blocks by Amy Smart, Bee Blocks + Olympic inspiration



Here’s a wonderful website to look at BOM examples:


Featured picture from freshly pieced by Lee Heinrich