Akoma Ntoso MQG is a Solstice Champion!

The longest day of the year, referred to as the summer solstice, occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on June 20th or 21st each year. The name “solstice” comes from the Latin word “sol” which means sun and sistere which means standstill. The day occurs when the sun is precisely overhead the Tropic of Cancer, which is the furthermost northern point the sun can reach when revolving around the earth.

On June 20, people from across the world will fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s through a fundraising activity of their choice. Whether you’re participating at home, online or in-person, we have plenty of fun ideas to engage family and friends in The Longest Day.

Our guild began raising money to fight Alzheimer’s by creating a “Forget Me Not” quilt in honor of our matriarch Mrs. Linda Edwards Lee. With the help of Heather Givans and Crimson Tate Modern Quilt Shop, we raised $1126.00. But we didn’t stop there! With a Facebook post lauding our efforts we were able to SURPASS our goal of $1600 and have currently raised $1800 to fight Alzheimer’s! And we have 165 days to go! 

To date, we would like to thank the following contributors to our efforts: 

Heather White
Barbara Triscari
Alison Becker
Matthew Hadaway
Garnet Noblet
Jennifer Sotolongo
Nikita Blount-Duncan
Susan Tait
Vickie Powell Parham
Marcia Lile
Sacha Brady
Mary Okruhlik
Karen Hamilton
Nathaniel George
Jennifer McClanahan
Sheena Linville
Debbie Boice
Peggy Grow
Melody Davis
Melody Tharpe
Yvonne Obeng
Sharon Harrison
Tony Dickerson
April Sterling
Amy Lobsiger
Lindy Vaught
Heidi Hedrick
Maria Schmidt
Melissa Larrison
Erin Arnold
Richelle Holmes
Kita Duncan
Stacey Kendrick Moore
Rebecca Goins
Kimberly Russell
Carol Lyles Shaw
Jann McMillian
Nada Ellis
Lisa Simmons
Matt Martinek
David Stous
Connie Lee Grady
Yolonda Duncan
Erika Manningham-Nickens
Amber Largent
Tina Draper
and Sarah Riester!
Look for additional activities to support the eradication of Alzheimer’s!