Happy 4th Anniversary!

Akoma Ntoso Modern Quilt Guild was born out of the desire to form an association with like-minded Sisters who could come together to explore the exciting world of quilting! Born on April 7, 2018, the guild has explored all forms of quilting genres from modern to cultural gems throughout the African Diaspora. We have formed wonderful community partnerships with other guilds like INFiber and Indy Modern Quilt Guild and have found support and allies from Heather Givans and Crimson Tate, and the Greater Indiana Alzheimer’s Association! We have exhibited more than 5 times as a guild, and our members have presented one-woman exhibits, national exhibit entries, and even served as the keynote speaker at an Indiana State Musem and Historic Site event! We can’t wait to see how the next four years unfold! 

Linked Hearts Forever!