Akoma Ntoso President Part of ARE Speakers Bureau









Our president is a member of the 2024 Advancing Racial Equality Speakers Bureau of Indianan Humanities. Her topic about Black quilters and how they use the artform to discuss tough topics, most focused on how African Americans have survived the American Chattel Slavery system, will be featured at libraries across Indiana. Dr. Dickerson has been invited to speak at some thirteen venues from March to September 2024. To date, she has spoken at the Monroe County History Center and Plainfield Library.  During her presentation, she showcases approximately 13 different quilts that support the motifs outlined in the One State, One Story book entitled “All That She Carried: The Journey of Ashley’s Sack, A Black Family’s Keepsake.” The two themes of Black quilters and their stories and the story of Ashley sack pair well together to a compelling story of how African Americans have risen above the systemic racism of slavery in America. Come back to our homepage to see when she will speak next! All presentations are free of charge to the public.