Our 2018 Founding Board


Tony J. Dickerson, Founder and President, 2018

Tony Jean Dickerson is the Founder and President of the Akoma Ntoso Modern Quilt Guild of Central Indiana.  Tony began sewing at the young age of 6yrs old receiving her first sewing machine for Christmas that year. She was a product of Home Economics, 4H and a family’s love for sewing. She sewed prolifically until her late 30’s when she inexplicably stopped. In March of 2014 she found her way back with a vengeance through the art of quilting.

She envisions Akoma Ntoso as an avenue to get family, friends and community members hooked on the  beauty of quilting, the power of socialization, and the satisfaction of self expression.

E-mail: tjdquilts4@gmail.com




Vanita Ann Powell, Founding Treasurer, 2018

A native of Indianapolis, Vanita Powell attended school at the University of Indiana-Bloomington and earned her degree in Accounting. She is currently an auditor for a local manufacturing firm and the proud mother of three. Her interest in quilting is new and she can’t wait to try her hand at this creative art. Amongst her prized possessions are quilts made by her grandmother, Mrs. Linda Lee. She wants to pass on such memorable items to her children one day!


E-mail:  vanita.powell15@gmail.com




Vickie Powell Parham, Founding Secretary, 2018

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Vickie Parham was brought up in a family of seamstresses. She sewed at home and took home economics like the rest of her classmates. While her passion lies mostly in creating delicious baked goods for family and friends, making corsages for church functions, and spoiling her 3 wonderful grandchildren, she is anxious to bring her creative juices to the art of quilting!


E-mail: vickiepowell44@yahoo.com




Kita Blount Duncan, Founding Charity Program Coordinator, 2018

Kita Duncan was born and raised in Brooksville, Florida. She graduated from Arlington High School here in Indianapolis and is currently pursuing her RN degree in a very rigorous program at Brightwood College. She is the mother of two teenagers and a preteen. Her interest in giving back to charity goes back for more than a decade. Her background is in dementia care for the elderly, and she regularly participates in activities for Alzheimers and Lupus awareness.  She can’t wait to bring quality charitable activities to our guild!


E-mail: nikkib362@gmail.com




Mira Jean Duncan, Founding Youth Ambassador, 2018

At just 11 years old, Mira received her first sewing machine and took her first sewing lesson at the tender age of 8! She attends Lighthouse Charter School South here in Indianapolis. She is a Girls Scout member and participates in school activities such as volleyball. She has begun to grow an impressive stash of fabrics and can’t wait to help our guild bring quality programming to our young members from across the metropolitan area!